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Barcelona · Madrid · Munich · São Paulo

An intense journey of personal and professional transformation, the Executive MBA prepares you for the challenges of today’s interconnected, global business world. If you are a self-starter who wants to stretch your limits and make a real impact in the world … you are an ideal candidate for the IESE Executive MBA.

Will you be our next success story?

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Locations and formats

  • Barcelona (two formats)

    Biweekly Format: Friday/Saturday morning
    6 intensive weeks (2 of 4 international weeks)
    Language: English
    Start Date: September 2023

    Weekly Format: Friday afternoon/Saturday morning
    6 intensive weeks (2 of 4 international weeks)
    Language: Bilingual (English & Spanish)
    Start Date: September 2023

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  • Madrid (two formats)

    Biweekly Format: Friday/Saturday morning
    6 intensive weeks (4 international weeks)
    Language: English
    Start Date: September 2023

    Weekly Format: Friday afternoon/Saturday morning
    6 intensive weeks (4 international weeks)
    Language: Bilingual (English & Spanish)
    Start Date: October 2023

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  • Munich

    Triweekly Format: Every 3 weeks (Thursday afternoon/Friday/Saturday morning)
    18 months · 6 intensive weeks: two in Barcelona, two in Munich, and optional weeks in Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Nairobi, New York and Madrid.
    Language: English
    Start Date: September 2023

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  • São Paulo

    Triweekly Format: Every 3 weeks (Thursday afternoon / Friday / Saturday morning)
    6 intensive weeks (3 in Sao Paulo, 1 in Barcelona and 2 optional weeks in Shanghai, Nairobi, New York.
    Language: Trilingual (English, Spanish & Portuguese)
    Start Date: September 2023

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IESE’s Executive MBA in numbers

Excellence involves more than numbers. But facts speak for themselves.

Why choose the IESE EMBA?

To be good at something, you have to be good at everything.

We want to accompany you on one of the most important journeys of your life: the path toward personal growth and professional fulfillment. The formula is simple: high-quality faculty, high-quality students and a high degree of rigor. We will put you to the test, so that you may reach your full potential.

Give us 18 months. We’ll give you a lifetime of impact.

The Executive MBA prepares you to face challenges in any business scenario.

1. General management overview

You will gain a profound comprehensive vision of the company from a general management standpoint. That will allow you to understand the uniqueness of different operational areas, how they’re interrelated, and how your decisions affect them.

2. Expert decision-making

To be an exceptional leader, you must become an expert at making difficult decisions. By examining more than 300 business cases, you will hone your ability to analyze challenging situations, justify your strategy and decide on the best course of action.

3. Entrepreneurial spirit

You will discover your inner entrepreneur. You will learn to detect new opportunities and acquire the knowledge and tools to make the most of them, both inside and outside your organization.

4. Effective leadership

You will boost your ability to engage your team and manage diverse personal profiles and motivations to align them around a common objective. You will become a leader committed to professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service.

5. Global reach

You will gain a heightened awareness of the trends and opportunities shaping today’s global business arena, thanks to high-impact content, faculty guidance and intensive weeks in three global venues .

6. Self-knowledge

You will work toward a deeper sense of self-awareness and discovery of your strengths and areas for growth. You will emerge better equipped to face any leadership challenge.

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Sign up for an Open Day near you and gain firsthand insight into IESE’s Executive MBA. You’ll attend a session led by a IESE professor, debate a real business case and meet alumni who will share their personal views and experiences.

  • Executive MBA Open Day – Online


    Date: June 21, 2023
    Time: 18:30

  • Open Day


    Date: June 21, 2023
    Time: 19:00

  • Executive MBA Open Day Online


    Date: June 22, 2023
    Time: 18:15

  • Open Day


    Date: July 13, 2023
    Time: 19:00

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June 2023


June 2023

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  • Testimonial

    “The challenge is not just knowing what you are going to do, but more importantly, who you want to be. In the Executive MBA you are going to be challenged so many times and in so many ways that, when you graduate, you will be able to say: I am ready to make a difference .”

    Franz Heukamp

    Franz Heukamp, IESE Dean
    PhD in Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT
  • Testimonial

    “The Executive MBA is a catalyst for personal growth and the development of management skills. It inspired me to overhaul my business methods, refine my leadership style and expand my vision of management. Above all, it changed my perspective on the world.”

    Camila Ferreira

    Camila Ferreira (EMBA’ 14)
    Global Director of Merchant Services and Merchant Research Groupon
  • Testimonial

    “IESE is a transformational experience. It takes you to a challenging and demanding place, while becoming like a family with whom you grow and learn to become a person eager to make their mark.”

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco (EMBA’18)
    VP of Customers Experience & Operations Cabify
  • Testimonial

    “Being a student again brings with it all kinds of challenges, but above all, it forces you to make the most of your time, both personally and professionally. With the help of the excellent academic staff, a rich syllabus and lively discussions with fellow students, you develop the ability to make better decisions, gain new perspectives and acquire a new outlook.”

    Marta Planinc

    Marta Planinc (EMBA’19)
    Head of Branding and Packaging Lidl

IESE Rankings

#1 MBA in the World by The Economist | IESE Business School
#1 in Executive Education 2015-2020 by Financial Times | IESE Business School