Learn to manage your career

IESE’s Executive MBA Career Development Center offers a roadmap for leading your professional career. You will have the opportunity to understand your true strengths and aspirations, especially those that will transform you into a more fulfilled, complete professional.

Your professional trajectory should be viewed as a long-distance race, not a 100m dash. For this to happen, it is important to gain perspective and understand where you are situated in the labor market, now and in the future. In order to facilitate this, our team of Career Advisors and the Career Development Center is available for you.

The goal of the career management content is to provide you with knowledge and understanding in three areas:

Your Career Journey

Advancing in one’s career can take on multiple forms and, as an Executive MBA student, there are many meaningful choices to make when managing your career. Your career journey will be as unique as you are. While we encourage students to learn from the well-trodden paths of others, your personal aspirations, hopes and dreams will ultimately be the drivers for accelerating your career.

Students typically move in one of three directions when orienting their future careers: continuity, change or entrepreneurship.

Committed to your current sector, you may be looking for a promotion or would like to change organizations. Consistency and passion for your sector are keys to your growth.

You may be seeking to disrupt your current career path by changing your sector, function or even both for a more significant change. Perseverance and resilience will be essential for moving towards your goal.

You may have already launched a company prior to starting the program or you are looking to become an entrepreneur shortly after the program is completed. You may also be part of a growing family business and are seeking to innovate from within.

Career Center

Expert Career Guidance

Comprehensive and personalized 1:1 counseling sessions

During the EMBA program, we offer you the chance to benefit from highly personalized 1:1 career counseling. We help support different career needs with our world-class, certified coaches.

Vicki Lambiri
Associate Director

Sector experience:
Technology, Start-up Eco-systems and Career Management, in particular for professionals in the midst of a career transition.



Melissa Afonso
Associate Director

Sector expertise:
Financial Services, Career Advisor, Certified Coach, Personality Assessment Tools, Interview Techniques.



Almudena Gallo

Almudena Gallo
Executive & Career Coach

Sector experience:
Financial services, Fast-moving consumer goods, Consulting; particularly experienced in Talent Management.



Dolores Sarrión

Dolores Sarrion
Executive & Career Coach

Sector experience:
Technology, Renewable energy, Consumer products; significant experience with blue-chip firms.



Digital Toolkit

Career management content in the form of videos, webinars, exercises and eLearning courses

An inventory of resources to help you plan and manage your career.





Enjoy unlimited online access to a wide array of professional development resources including videos of IESE professors and career management experts, webinars, recommended readings and exercises.

Knowing yourself is essential to defining your career aspirations. The focus of this sections is to enhance your self-knowledge and awareness.

Your personal brand is at center of who you are and how others see you. Learn how to speak convincingly about your unique value proposition and to tell your story memorably.

Building a strong network is essential to unlocking the “hidden” job market. Gain real-life insights and advice through using tools that connect you with alumni and other professionals and nourish a long-lasting career network.

Focusing on these topics equips you with the essential tools, mindset and resources to advance your career, not only during the EMBA program, but also for the rest of your professional life.

Career Events

Enjoy access to a wide array of events designed to bolster your career confidence. These events include Masterclass sessions and workshops, which may include the following key career topics:

– Personal and Digital brand
– How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
– Elevator Pitch and Storytelling
– How to Build an effective CV
– Value Proposition

Further to above, there are Roundtable discussions organized with Headhunters and Talent Managers where you can ask questions in an informal setting bringing you another important perspective when it comes to advice on managing one’s career and job hunting.

There are also several Career Fairs easily accessible virtually that provide valuable networking opportunities to connect with companies.

IESE Alumni Community

Alumni Directory, Mentoring Program, sector-specific Alumni panels

With more than 50,000 members around the world, IESE’s Alumni community is an invaluable source of support and inspiration.

Every year we organize sector specific Alumni panels where alumni share their career stories and nuggets of wisdom learned as an EMBA student and on the job. Listen to them share how they pivoted in their own careers.

Another way we make it easy for you to connect with alumni is via IESE’s Alumni Mentoring Program, which has over 1500+ alumni and students registered. It is a networking channel unlike any other where alumni have volunteered to be mentors for students. Mentors can be a powerful source of advice to help you navigate the milestones of your career.

Networking with your peers, exchanging experiences
1500+ alumni using the platform

  • Testimonial

    "With Covid-19 disturbing the global economy, I managed to land the role I aspired for with the support of IESE’s Career management team, who went the extra mile to connect me with IESE alumni.  Their follow-up support was amazing, helping me in every step of the process.

    I was really impressed with the depth of IESE’s alumni community and the willingness to have a conversation and support my growth during my moment of career transition. You will always find someone to connect with who will be open to supporting your growth!"

    Aya Tarek Darwish

    Aya Tarek Darwish (EMBA '20)
    CEO* Program Associate, SIEMENS