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Early Admission Round
September 20, 2021
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In person, on campus and safe

At IESE we’ve resumed in-person classroom instruction. We’ve put in place protocols and safety measures to adapt our facilities to continue offering you a transformative, innovative and, above all, safe educational experience.

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Executive MBA Munich

The most flexible EMBA
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Munich, Germany

IESE launched the Executive MBA in Munich in 2019 to meet growing demand from business leaders in German-speaking countries and central Europe. The school began full-time operations in Germany in 2005, and in 2015 became the first international business school to open a permanent campus there. The new campus, designed by distinguished architect André Behncke, is located in the city center, near the Bavarian parliament. Today, IESE works closely with Mittelstand companies and multinationals to provide world-class education for their executives, as well as providing a gateway to the local business culture for international managers.

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  • Executive MBA Online Open Day


    Date: 09 November 2021
    Time: 18:30

  • Executive MBA Open Day


    Date: 31 January 2022
    Time: 18:30

  • Executive MBA Open Day


    Date: 09 March 2022
    Time: 18:30

Program format and languages

Triweekly Format: Every 3 weeks (from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon)
6 intensive weeks: two in Barcelona, two in Munich and, choose two weeks among Shanghai/ Sao Paulo/ Nairobi / New York
Language: English
Starting Date: September 2022

EMBA Munich at a glance

The Executive MBA is designed for high-potential managers, executives and entrepreneurs who want to boost their careers. The program delivers an intense and transformative experience that maximizes participant’s leadership, decision-making and entrepreneurial capabilities to enhance their personal development and prepare them for any challenge they will face in their careers.

Program calendar

Tuition Information

The fee for the Executive MBA program commencing in September 2022 in Munich is €75,100.

This includes tuition and teaching materials, as well as meals whenever necessary for program purposes. Travel, accommodation, and tax on food and beverage are not included.

  • Reservation fee: €7.510
    10% of the total fee must be paid up to four weeks after the receipt of the admittance letter (the letter specifies the exact date)
  • Tuition Installment: €11.265
    15% of the total fee must be paid 3 months after the reservation fee has been paid.
  • Payment EMBA Year 1: €18.775
    25% of the total fee must be paid once the
    program starts. Deadline September 30, 2022
  • Payment EMBA Year 2: €37.550
    50% of the total fee must be paid during the second year of the program. Deadline before
    September 30, 2023

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Get to know our Executive MBA Alumni in Munich

Linus Haferkemper
Vice President of Customer Success, SHERPANY

Richard Gausch
Senior Manager Finance and Planning, APP Group

Stefan Schleicher
Senior Management Consulting, Porsche

  • Testimonial

    “The challenge is not just knowing what you are going to do, but more importantly, who you want to be. In the Executive MBA you are going to be challenged so many times and in so many ways that, when you graduate, you will be able to say: I am ready to make a difference .”

    Franz Heukamp

    Franz Heukamp, IESE Dean
    PhD in Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT
  • Testimonial

    “The Executive MBA is a catalyst for personal growth and the development of management skills. It inspired me to overhaul my business methods, refine my leadership style and expand my vision of management. Above all, it changed my perspective on the world.”

    Camila Ferreira

    Camila Ferreira (EMBA’ 14)
    Global Director of Merchant Services and Merchant Research Groupon
  • Testimonial

    “IESE is a transformational experience. It takes you to a challenging and demanding place, while becoming like a family with whom you grow and learn to become a person eager to make their mark.”

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco (EMBA’18)
    VP of Customers Experience & Operations Cabify
  • Testimonial

    “Being a student again brings with it all kinds of challenges, but above all, it forces you to make the most of your time, both personally and professionally. With the help of the excellent academic staff, a rich syllabus and lively discussions with fellow students, you develop the ability to make better decisions, gain new perspectives and acquire a new outlook.”

    Marta Planinc

    Marta Planinc (EMBA’19)
    Head of Branding and Packaging Lidl

Campus information

Gonzaga García
Director – Executive MBA
+49 151 15363098

Maria-Theresia-Straße 15, 81675 München, Germany