You are the Executive MBA

Every EMBA participant is unique. And from that diversity comes an extraordinarily rich learning environment. Your classmates will come from different industries and countries, with varied areas of expertise and life experiences. But they’ll all share your passion for personal and professional growth. Everyone contributes; everyone gains. You’ll see the business world with new eyes and discover opportunities you haven’t yet dreamed of.

Who does an Executive MBA?

Standard Profile:

Professionals with a minimum 5 years work experience in positions of responsibility in business field, a good english knowledge and an optimal analytical capacity demonstrated in GMAT or IESE test results.


19% Operations
17% Sales and marketing
16% Finance
14% General management
14% Project management
11% Consulting
6% Planning and accounting
3% Others


28% Industry and energy
17% Consulting
16% Banking and financial services
14% Telecommunications and ICT
11% Services
9% Construction and real estate
3% Distribution and trade
2% Others

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EMBAssador: Our alumni

The people we’re most proud of – our alumni.

EMBAssadors are program graduates who continue to fly the flag for the Executive MBA. They recognize the impact the EMBA had on their careers, and help others access the same benefits. Will you be an EMBAssador one day?

  • “The Executive MBA delivers new insights and deeper understandings week after week. The program spans 18 months yet its impact will last a lifetime.”

    Managing Director - EMEA Airbnb
  • The EMBA has given me more confidence in myself. It has shown me that we can manage companies with values.

    IKEA Spain Marketing Manager

Our alumni: Women leading the way

For more than 50 years, IESE has helped women supercharge their careers and boost their leadership potential.

Female participation in the Executive MBA has doubled to 30% in just a few years. The EMBA empowers women and equips them with the competencies and confidence they need to succeed.


The Female Talent Scholarship is aimed at women with the potential to make a positive impact in business and society. Applicants should be proven leaders with an international career trajectory, solid academic record, entrepreneurial initiative and the ability to innovate. Women admitted to the EMBA starting in September 2021 are eligible to apply.


IESE Women in Leadership (I-WIL) is a dynamic platform that provides ongoing support to former students and women leaders through a range of activities, including lectures, workshops and conferences.


The Women EMBA Club (WEMBAC) is an exclusive network that promotes learning, networking and support for women in business. For further information, contact us at


IESE promotes corporate family responsibility in business, and its own programs are no exception. The school fosters the culture, balance and flexibility that facilitate the integration of students’ work, family and personal lives. IESE promotes these values on a global scale, coordinating its actions through its International Center for Work and Family (ICWF).

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Lifelong Connections

Your IESE experience doesn’t end on graduation day. In fact, that’s just the beginning. You’ll have access to world-class support, continuing education programs and networking opportunities for the rest of your life.


Join a vibrant network of around 50,000 professionals in over 100 countries. No matter where in the world you are, you’ll find support and guidance from former IESE students.

More than 50,000 alumni

  • 108 nationalities
  • 68 annual e-conferences
  • More than 230 annual continuity sessions
  • 33 regional chapters

You can also take part in a broad range of clubs led by graduates of IESE’s Executive MBA and full-time MBA programs. Learn more about MBA clubs in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Healthcare, and more.


IESE is always on hand to help you make the most of your talent. You’ll be able to take advantage of numerous initiatives to progress along your career path.

  • Accredited coaches
  • Individual assessment interviews
  • The SUCCEED platform, which allows you build your own professional and personal development plan
  • Career opportunities


During and after the program, you’ll be able to attend learning sessions on cutting-edge topics like e-business, the new economy, finance, general management strategy, IT innovations, operations, production and logistics, leadership and the general economy. Led by IESE professors, these classes feature renowned thought leaders from a variety of business fields. Recent sessions have welcomed Guy Kawasaki, Romano Prodi and Hubert Schurkus.


The Executive MBA is a uniquely personal journey, but one that you won’t take alone. Throughout the program, you’ll work with an expert mentor who will offer you invaluable insights about your career path and help you reach your objectives.


The Executive MBA gathers a group of high-caliber professionals from diverse backgrounds and a common drive to excel. Your IESE experience will connect you with a dynamic network of global senior managers and enable you to build bonds that will last a lifetime.

An Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship

Promoting Entrepreneurs

At IESE, you will develop the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset needed to excel in both start-up and enterprise environments. Those interested in launching new ventures will find an encouraging and supportive ecosystem to transform their ideas into businesses.

Venture Hub
The Venture Hub is a vital resource center that brings all of the school’s entrepreneurial activities under one roof, from training and research to financing and tech transfer. Through this initiative, IESE aspires to forge a vibrant network in which entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and society can find everything they need to push forward their new projects.

Executive MBA Entrepreneurs’ Club
The Executive MBA Entrepreneurs’ Club (CEEMBA) gathers IESE professors and seasoned entrepreneurs every month to share their frontline experiences in new-venture creation and discuss and debate business ideas in various stages of maturity.

Established in 2000, Finaves helps IESE entrepreneurs get their new ventures off the ground by taking a minority stake in companies across a range of sectors. This financing channel offers alumni and students the chance to collaborate with a reliable, rational and fair partner, as well as leverage IESE’s community of alumni, network and talent. Since its establishment, Finaves’ support has led to the creation of 30 new businesses, 1,500 jobs and more than €70 million in collective revenues.

Business Angels Network
IESE’s Business Angels Network has served as a vital bridge between investors and entrepreneurs since 2003. The community comprises more tan 200 active angel investors, who offer support for start-up ventures led by both alumni and non-alumni alike.

Other Entrepreneurship Initiatives
IESE promotes entrepreneurial ventures on an on-going basis, including participation in Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Social Entrepreneurship Network, the WeGrow mentoring service and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, whose activities aim to coalesce entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems both within and outside IESE.

  • Testimonial

    “The challenge is not just knowing what you are going to do, but more importantly, who you want to be. In the Executive MBA you are going to be challenged so many times and in so many ways that, when you graduate, you will be able to say: I am ready to make a difference .”

    Franz Heukamp

    Franz Heukamp, IESE Dean
    PhD in Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT
  • Testimonial

    “The Executive MBA is a catalyst for personal growth and the development of management skills. It inspired me to overhaul my business methods, refine my leadership style and expand my vision of management. Above all, it changed my perspective on the world.”

    Camila Ferreira

    Camila Ferreira (EMBA’ 14)
    Global Director of Merchant Services and Merchant Research Groupon
  • Testimonial

    “IESE is a transformational experience. It takes you to a challenging and demanding place, while becoming like a family with whom you grow and learn to become a person eager to make their mark.”

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco (EMBA’18)
    VP of Customers Experience & Operations Cabify
  • Testimonial

    “Being a student again brings with it all kinds of challenges, but above all, it forces you to make the most of your time, both personally and professionally. With the help of the excellent academic staff, a rich syllabus and lively discussions with fellow students, you develop the ability to make better decisions, gain new perspectives and acquire a new outlook.”

    Marta Planinc

    Marta Planinc (EMBA’19)
    Head of Branding and Packaging Lidl