The Executive-Management Simulation Program (EXSIM) is a dynamic business simulation exercise that allows you to put everything you’ve learned into practice. Throughout the week, you’ll play the role of a board member a company competing against other companies in the same sector. The EXSIM is designed as follows:

  • You’ll be assigned to a management team before the start of the simulation. Working together, you’ll make joint decisions on different dimensions of your company’s strategy and operations, from marketing and sales, to production, logistics and finance.
  • Several times throughout the week, management teams will present their results before a board of directors comprised by IESE faculty members.
  • You’ll define a financial policy and negotiate with risk managers from real
    financial institutions.
  • You’ll also negotiate your employees’ working conditions with labor councils represented by active trade-union leaders.

The simulation’s high degree of reality will empower you to fast-track your your ability to successfully manage and lead a business by honing your critical-thinking and analytical abilities.

  • “In just one week you realize the deep impact the Executive MBA is having on you. EXSIM is an unforgettable experience that puts into practice everything you have developed during the first year of the program.”