Executive MBA São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

IESE’s campus in São Paulo is headquartered at ISE Business School and was inaugurated in 2012 as we began offering our Executive MBA in Brazil. Just like the other campi, we have on our campus lecture halls, a library, an auditorium, meeting rooms and dining areas. São Paulo is the largest city in the Southern hemisphere and combines both tradition with cosmopolitan excitement due to its marked cultural diversity. Our campus is located very close to one of most important avenues Avenida Paulista and is also near the city center.

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Program format and languages

Biweekly Format: Friday/Saturday morning /
7 intensive weeks (4 international weeks, 2 mandatory)
Language: Trilingual (English, Spanish & Portuguese)
Start Date: September 2021

Program calendar

Next Admission Rounds

São PauloApplication deadline 
ROUND 6May 28, 2021Overdue
ROUND 7June 28, 2021Overdue
ROUND 8July 15, 2021Overdue
  • Testimonial

    “The challenge is not just knowing what you are going to do, but more importantly, who you want to be. In the Executive MBA you are going to be challenged so many times and in so many ways that, when you graduate, you will be able to say: I am ready to make a difference .”

    Franz Heukamp

    Franz Heukamp, IESE Dean
    PhD in Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT
  • Testimonial

    “The Executive MBA is a catalyst for personal growth and the development of management skills. It inspired me to overhaul my business methods, refine my leadership style and expand my vision of management. Above all, it changed my perspective on the world.”

    Camila Ferreira

    Camila Ferreira (EMBA’ 14)
    Global Director of Merchant Services and Merchant Research Groupon
  • Testimonial

    “IESE is a transformational experience. It takes you to a challenging and demanding place, while becoming like a family with whom you grow and learn to become a person eager to make their mark.”

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco

    Jacobo Domínguez-Blanco (EMBA’18)
    VP of Customers Experience & Operations Cabify
  • Testimonial

    “Being a student again brings with it all kinds of challenges, but above all, it forces you to make the most of your time, both personally and professionally. With the help of the excellent academic staff, a rich syllabus and lively discussions with fellow students, you develop the ability to make better decisions, gain new perspectives and acquire a new outlook.”

    Marta Planinc

    Marta Planinc (EMBA’19)
    Head of Branding and Packaging Lidl

Campus information

Mara Mancio
+55 11 97340-5352

R. Martiniano de Carvalho, 573 – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01321-001, Brazil